Monitoring Template

Monitoring Template (PDF) and
User Guide (PDF)

Proposed template for monitoring progress on maternal and child survival

As part of A Promise Renewed, governments and partners from civil society, the United Nations and the private sector are working together to strengthen the monitoring and reporting of child survival, within and among countries.  The availability of accurate, timely data is critical to strengthening accountability for the global commitments made on behalf of children.

To enhance the use and relevance of child survival data and facilitate cross-country comparisons, UNICEF and partners are developing a standardized template for monitoring progress on maternal and child survival. The proposed template builds on existing monitoring initiatives, including the Countdown to 2015, which tracks the coverage of key health interventions for maternal, newborn and child mortality.

UNICEF and partners will release global child survival progress reports each September, in conjunction with UN-IGME  child mortality data. The annual reports will be posted on the public website for A Promise Renewed to stimulate public dialogue and sustain the political commitment to child survival.

The monitoring template is meant to stimulate national dialogue on monitoring maternal and child survival, and is intended to be used in conjunction with existing products, including Countdown to 2015 profiles. National governments and local partners are invited to take the lead in adapting and applying the template to national monitoring efforts. The template’s proposed list of indicators for maternal and child survival offers countries a menu of options that can be simplified or augmented, based on national priorities and planning processes.

Download Monitoring Template (PDF) and User Guide (PDF).